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Shannon MyChart is an online patient portal and mobile application that provides patients with secure and easy access to their health records, test results, and other essential medical information. Developed by Shannon Medical Center, this platform is a part of the broader movement towards digitizing healthcare services for improved patient outcomes and satisfaction.

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How to Login to Shannon MyChart

  1. Visit the Shannon MyChart Website: Go to the official Shannon MyChart website using your web browser.
  2. Enter Your Credentials: On the homepage, you’ll see a login section. Enter your username and password in the designated fields.
  3. Click “Log In”: Once you’ve entered your credentials, click on the “Log In” button to access your account.
  4. Access Your Account: You’ll now be logged in to your Shannon MyChart account, where you can view your medical records, schedule appointments, and more.

shannon mychart login

How to Sign Up For Shannon MyChart

  1. Request an Activation Code: If you’re a new user, you’ll need to request an activation code from your healthcare provider. This code is typically provided during your visit or can be requested online.
  2. Visit the Shannon MyChart Website: Once you have your activation code, go to the Shannon MyChart website.
  3. Click “Sign Up Now”: Look for the “Sign Up Now” or “Register” option on the homepage and click on it.
  4. Enter Activation Code: You’ll be prompted to enter your activation code along with some personal information to verify your identity.
  5. Create Username and Password: After verification, you’ll create a username and password for your Shannon MyChart account.
  6. Complete Registration: Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the registration process. Once done, you’ll have access to your Shannon MyChart account.

How to Reset your Password or Username for Shannon MyChart

Resetting Password:

  1. Forgot Password: If you’ve forgotten your password, go to the Shannon MyChart login page.
  2. Click “Forgot Password”: Below the login fields, you’ll see an option that says “Forgot Password.” Click on it.
  3. Verify Identity: You’ll be prompted to verify your identity by providing your username and other personal information.
  4. Reset Password: Once your identity is verified, you’ll receive instructions on how to reset your password via email or text message.

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Recovering Username:

  1. Forgot Username: Similarly, if you’ve forgotten your username, go to the Shannon MyChart login page.
  2. Click “Forgot Username”: Below the login fields, there will be an option that says “Forgot Username.” Click on it.
  3. Provide Information: You’ll need to provide some personal information to verify your identity.
  4. Retrieve Username: Once your identity is verified, you’ll receive instructions on how to retrieve your username via email or text message.

Understanding Shannon MyChart and Its Comprehensive Features

Accessing Medical Records and Communication: MyChart, like Shannon MyChart, is a convenient online tool for patients to manage their healthcare, providing easy access to test results, prescription refills, appointment booking, and secure communication with medical teams.

Empowering Patients with Information: Shannon MyChart empowers users with immediate access to essential health data, allowing an active role in managing well-being through prompt review of test results and convenient medication refill requests.

Managing Family Medical Records and Proxy Consent

MyChart for Family Management: Simplify managing family medical records by accessing multiple accounts through a single login, allowing caregivers efficient oversight of their loved ones’ health information.

Proxy Consent Benefits: MyChart’s proxy consent permits authorized individuals to handle another person’s health data, ensuring seamless healthcare management for those requiring assistance.

Secure Usage and Technical Support for MyChart

Advanced Security Measures: MyChart prioritizes security with encryption, protecting patient data from breaches or unauthorized access.

Dedicated Technical Support: Patients facing technical difficulties can contact customer service via phone or email for prompt assistance.

Pros and Cons


  • Enhanced security measures for patient information.
  • Quick resolution of technical problems through dedicated support teams.


  • Some patients may prefer in-person support over phone or email assistance.

Appointment Management and Accessing Health Services

Scheduling Appointments: Shannon MyChart allows easy appointment booking, including virtual visits, providing convenience for medical advice or consultations without leaving home.

Reminders and Notifications: Receive reminders and notifications about upcoming appointments to stay updated on scheduled visits.

Updating Personal Information and Managing Multiple Accounts

Updating Information: Easily update personal information, ensuring accurate healthcare records for effective treatment.

Managing Multiple Accounts: MyChart’s seamless solution allows users to link multiple accounts, streamlining the process of managing health records without hassle.

Introduction to Shannon On Demand and Its Accessibility

Convenient Healthcare Access: Shannon On Demand, accessible through MyChart, offers virtual urgent care services 24/7, providing quality healthcare services anytime and anywhere.

Seamless Process: Using Shannon On Demand involves minimal steps, offering a streamlined approach to accessing medical assistance promptly.

About Shannon Health

Shannon Health is a leading healthcare provider dedicated to delivering exceptional medical services and compassionate care. Based in Texas, Shannon Health encompasses a network of hospitals, clinics, and specialized medical facilities.

Renowned for its commitment to community well-being, Shannon Health offers a wide range of medical services, from primary care to advanced specialties. With a focus on patient-centric care, cutting-edge technology, and a team of skilled healthcare professionals, Shannon Health stands as a pillar of health and wellness, ensuring the highest standards of medical excellence for the communities it serves.

List of Hospitals:

  1. Shannon Medical Center – Main Campus:
    • Location: 120 E Harris Ave, San Angelo, TX 76903
    • Services: A comprehensive range of medical and surgical services, emergency care, and specialized healthcare programs.
  2. Shannon Women’s & Children’s Hospital:
    • Location: 201 E. Harris Ave, San Angelo, TX 76903
    • Services: Specialized care for women and children, including maternity services, neonatal care, and women’s health programs.

List of Clinics:

  1. Shannon Clinic – Downtown:
    • Location: 102 N. Magdalen St., San Angelo, TX 76903
    • Services: Primary care, specialty clinics, diagnostic services, and preventive healthcare.
  2. Shannon Clinic – South:
    • Location: 3501 Knickerbocker Rd, San Angelo, TX 76904
    • Services: Comprehensive primary care, specialized clinics, and a range of diagnostic and imaging services.
  3. Shannon Clinic – North:
    • Location: 2626 N. Bryant Blvd., San Angelo, TX 76903
    • Services: Primary care, specialty clinics, and various outpatient services.

List of Medical Facilities:

  1. Shannon Outpatient Rehabilitation Center:
    • Location: 2250 Pine St., San Angelo, TX 76904
    • Services: Rehabilitation services including physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy.
  2. Shannon Imaging Center:
    • Location: 102 N. Magdalen St., San Angelo, TX 76903
    • Services: State-of-the-art diagnostic imaging services, including X-rays, CT scans, and MRI.
  3. Shannon Urgent Care – Southwest:
    • Location: 5633 Sherwood Way, San Angelo, TX 76901
    • Services: Immediate care for non-life-threatening injuries and illnesses, with extended hours for convenience.


  1. Is my information secure on Shannon MyChart?
    • Yes, Shannon MyChart employs robust security measures, including encryption, to ensure the confidentiality of your health information.
  2. Can I access Shannon MyChart on my mobile device?
    • Absolutely! Shannon MyChart offers a mobile app, providing convenient access to your health information on the go.
  3. How do I schedule an appointment using Shannon MyChart?
    • Scheduling appointments is easy. Log in to your account, navigate to the appointment section, and follow the simple steps to schedule your visit.
  4. What sets Shannon MyChart apart from other medical record platforms?
    • Shannon MyChart distinguishes itself with its user-friendly interface, comprehensive features, and seamless integration with various healthcare providers.
  5. How often does Shannon MyChart update its features?
    • Shannon MyChart is committed to continuous improvement. Updates and enhancements are regularly implemented to provide users with the latest and most efficient healthcare tools.


In conclusion, Shannon MyChart is more than just a medical records platform; it’s a tool that empowers individuals to actively participate in their healthcare journey. With its user-friendly interface, comprehensive features, and commitment to security, Shannon MyChart is reshaping the way we approach our health.

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