Kareo Patient Portal Login (Official): At kareo.com


Kareo Patient Portal Login (Official): At kareo.com

Kareo Patient Portal, powered by Tebra, is a digital health solution designed to enhance the communication between healthcare providers and their patients. It is part of Kareo’s broader suite of medical software products, which are aimed at improving the operational efficiency of healthcare practices and enhancing patient care. The portal is particularly beneficial in today’s digital age, where accessibility and convenience in healthcare are increasingly important to patients.

Kareo Patient Portal



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How to Login to the Kareo Patient Portal

  1. Go to the Kareo Patient Portal website.
  2. Enter your username and password in the designated fields.
  3. Click the “Sign in” button to access your account.

Kareo Patient Portal Login

Login Process for Providers

  1. Accessing the Login Page: Providers and their staff access the Kareo platform by navigating to the Kareo login page. This can be done through the Kareo website or by using a direct link to the login portal.
  2. Entering Credentials: On the login page, users are prompted to enter their username and password. First-time users will use the credentials set up during the onboarding process.
  3. Two-Factor Authentication (Optional): Depending on the practice’s settings and compliance requirements, a two-factor authentication step may be required for an additional layer of security. This could involve receiving a code via SMS or email, which must be entered to complete the login process.
  4. Dashboard Access: Once logged in, providers and their staff will have access to the Kareo dashboard. From here, they can navigate to different parts of the platform, including the Patient Portal, billing, scheduling, and practice management tools.

How to Sign Up for the Kareo Patient Portal

  1. You will receive an email invitation from your healthcare provider to join the Kareo Patient Portal.
  2. Open the email and click on the link to activate your Patient Portal account.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to set up your username and password.
  4. Complete the registration process to create your account.

Sign-Up Process for Providers

  1. Registration: The first step involves registering for Kareo services. This usually starts on the Kareo website, where a provider can request a demo or sign up for services directly. During this phase, the provider will be asked to provide basic information about their practice, such as practice name, number of providers, and contact details.
  2. Verification: After submitting the initial registration form, Kareo may perform a verification process. This step is crucial for ensuring the authenticity of the users and the security of the platform. Verification can involve confirming the credentials of the healthcare providers and the legitimacy of the practice.
  3. Onboarding: Once verification is complete, the provider will go through an onboarding process. Kareo typically offers guided setup assistance, including training on how to use the platform effectively. This might involve setting up practice details, integrating with existing electronic health records (EHR), and configuring settings specific to the practice’s needs.
  4. Creating User Accounts: After the onboarding process, the provider can create individual user accounts for staff members. This involves setting up login credentials and assigning roles and permissions based on the level of access each staff member needs.

How to Reset Your Kareo Patient Portal Password or Username

Resetting Password:

  1. On the Kareo Patient Portal login page, click on the “Forgot password” link.
  2. Enter the email address associated with your account.
  3. Follow the instructions sent to your email to reset your password.

Kareo Patient Portal

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Resetting Username:

  1. If you forget your username, you will need to contact your healthcare provider’s office directly.
  2. The provider’s office can assist you with recovering your username or setting up a new account if necessary.

Features of the Kareo Patient Portal

Comprehensive Access to Health Records

The Kareo Patient Portal provides patients with unparalleled access to their health records. This includes detailed medical histories, lab results, diagnostic reports, and medication lists. By having this information at their fingertips, patients are better equipped to understand their health conditions and make informed decisions.

Enhanced Appointment Scheduling

The portal simplifies the process of managing medical appointments. Patients can not only schedule visits but also view upcoming appointments, receive reminders, and see past visit histories. This feature is designed to reduce no-shows and help patients keep track of their healthcare journey.

Direct and Secure Messaging

A standout feature of the Kareo Patient Portal is its secure messaging system. This allows for encrypted communication between patients and their healthcare providers. Whether it’s discussing symptoms, asking for advice, or understanding treatment options, this feature ensures privacy and timely communication.

Efficient Billing and Payment Processing

The portal streamlines the financial aspects of healthcare. Patients can view detailed billing statements, understand their insurance coverage, and make payments online. This transparency and convenience help to demystify healthcare costs and reduce administrative delays.

Personal Health Tracking Tools

For those managing chronic conditions or working towards specific health goals, the Kareo Patient Portal offers health tracking tools. Patients can log vital signs, track medication adherence, and monitor progress over time. These tools support proactive health management and can be shared with healthcare providers for more personalized care.

Educational Resources

Kareo understands the importance of patient education in healthcare management. The portal provides access to a library of educational resources, including articles, videos, and guidelines on various health topics. This information empowers patients to learn more about their health conditions and how to manage them effectively.

Customizable Health Alerts and Reminders

Patients can set up health alerts and reminders for medication doses, upcoming appointments, or routine health checks. These personalized notifications are crucial for maintaining treatment plans and ensuring continuous care.

Integration with Wearable Devices

The portal can integrate with wearable health devices, allowing for automatic tracking of physical activity, heart rate, sleep patterns, and more. This seamless integration encourages patients to stay active in their health management and provides valuable data to healthcare providers.

Help Desk/Customer Service

For Kareo Patient Portal customer service, now part of Tebra, here are the details for contacting support:

  • Phone: Call (866) 93-TEBRA, available Mon-Fri, 5 AM – 4 PM PT.
  • Software Support: Use the Kareo Help Center for resources. For direct assistance, submit a support case online or call 1-888-775-2736.
  • Email: support@kareo.com
  • Live chat with an agent: www.kareo.com/chat
  • Billing Support: Contact Kareo Billing Service at 855-689-8166 if you lack direct biller contact.
  • Online Support: Use the in-app Customer Care Center for support requests and tracking.
  • Physical Address: For mail or physical inquiries, their address is 1111 Bayside Drive, Suite 150, Corona Del Mar, CA 92625.

Remember, Kareo and PatientPop have transitioned to Tebra, and as such, some of the support resources and contacts have been integrated under the Tebra brand.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I access the Kareo Patient Portal?

To access the Kareo Patient Portal, visit the official Kareo website and click on the “Patient Portal” link. Enter your login credentials provided by your healthcare provider to log in securely.

How do I register and activate my Patient Portal account?

To register, you need an invitation from your healthcare provider. Follow the registration link provided in the invitation email or text message. Enter the required details, create a password, and follow the prompts to activate your account.

What can I do on the Patient Dashboard and Health Records section?

On the dashboard, you can view upcoming appointments, recent lab results, medications list, allergies information, and more. Access detailed health records such as diagnoses history and treatment plans for better insight into your health status.

Can I share my health records with others using the portal?

Yes, you can easily share specific health records with other healthcare providers or family members through secure messaging within the portal. Choose the record you want to share and select recipients by entering their email addresses for access.

How can I make payments or send messages via the Kareo Patient Portal?

Navigate to the respective sections on your patient dashboard to make payments securely online using various payment methods accepted by your healthcare provider. To send messages regarding appointments or inquiries directly to your provider’s office staff.


The Kareo Patient Portal transforms patient-provider interaction, offering expanded features like health record access and secure messaging. Setting a new standard for patient-centered care, it empowers patients, streamlines admin processes, and contributes to an efficient, accessible healthcare future as technology and healthcare intertwine.

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